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The tech industry is booming, and society is enjoying bigger and better benefits from IT every day as the landscape continues to develop. The explosive growth in the world of technology, however, has seen the issue of e-waste (electronic waste) rapidly intensify.

Reports state that globally, a staggering 50 million metric tons of IT equipment is thrown away each year. Sadly, only a mere 20% of this e-waste, which is comprised of items such as PCs, laptops, printers and monitors, is recycled. The other 80% is needlessly sent to landfill or incinerated, despite electronics being almost entirely recyclable.

The negative environmental impacts of technology aren’t only attributed to improper disposal, but also to manufacturing. Producing just one desktop PC requires water, chemicals and fossil fuels at astounding quantities, which when multiplied by the millions of computers made each year, has a devastating effect on the climate.

However, the tech arena is something we simply can’t live without. Not only at the foundation to nearly everything we do on a day-to-day basis, technology delivers significant and meaningful benefits to all aspects of modern society. It underpins the advancements we have made in research, learning, medicine, communication, working and more.

Protecting the environment with Circular IT

With increasing pressure to mitigate the harm caused by the tech industry, the circular IT movement is growing. Offering a more sustainable and socially responsible approach to IT procurement and product lifecycles, circular IT is a renew, recycle and reuse system that utilises existing components to remanufacturer devices and improve supply chain sustainability.

This 360° approach can extend the usable life of assets lowering total cost of ownership, helps reduce the amount of natural resources used in the manufacturing process and prevents components and equipment ending up in landfill.

In addition to the environmental advantages, circular IT providers can help organisations realise significant cost and lifecycle management benefits. Customers can increase the life of their kit with upgrades, maintenance and extended support, or return devices to be responsibly recycled, improving their own green credentials and delivering potential cash rebates.

IT infrastructures are multi-faceted and complex, with multiple different systems and pieces of equipment with varying product lifecycles and costs. Circular IT helps simplify the management of your technology landscape and deliver cost savings. With an economy that comes full circle, organisations have access to alternative methods for technology refreshes and procurement, with affordable refurbished or remanufactured second-life equipment that offer power and performance comparable to that of brand-new devices.

Getting the most out of technology

Join in with the 360° IT revolution to safeguard the planet and enjoy cost savings when you recycle your unwanted tech with Stone. Our award-winning inhouse IT Asset Disposal facility can help you reach your sustainability goals and realise any residual value from your old equipment. Enjoy cash rebates that you can put back into your IT budgets or use them to invest in cost-efficient devices powered by Windows 10 within Stone’s sustainable circular economy.

Sustainable tech + Microsoft 365

Make the most out of your IT by combining it with the power of Microsoft 365, the affordable universal toolkit that boosts the efficiency and reliability of your devices while providing enhanced security and simplified IT management.

Bringing you the best-in-class products you know and love, including Office 365 and Windows 10, the most secure Windows to date, together with Enterprise Security + Mobility and the engaging Minecraft: Education Edition, Microsoft 365 delivers a safe, immersive and collaborative digital working and learning environment.

And with faster start-up times, a range of power-saving plugs and modes and the intelligence of the cloud, Microsoft 365 helps reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency, so you’re not only participating in responsible procurement, but more environmentally friendly usage.

As a leader in the field of circular IT, and a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re perfectly positioned as an IT partner to help you reach your sustainability goals whilst benefitting from the technology that makes a difference. We can offer advice, consultations and training on how to get the most out of your Windows 10 devices and support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your assets, right through from project design and deployment, to ongoing aftercare and responsible IT Asset Disposal.

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