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In the EU alone, 160,000 laptops are sent to landfill every day, yet a shocking 70% of these could be refurbished and reused. These are devastating figures considering we’re facing a global e-waste crisis. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

The circular IT movement is rapidly gaining traction, with several players in tech shifting to a more sustainable economy of recycle, renew and reuse, in a bid to lessen the impacts the industry has on the environment, and reduce theirs, and their customers carbon footprints. A key part of this 360° approach rests on an increase on refurbishing and extending the life of equipment.

Sustainable and low cost

Choosing refurbished over new is an incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly way to update your estate. Refurbishing devices extends IT lifecycles, helping to decrease the demand for PC production; a resource-intensive and damaging process for the planet. It also ensures that laptops and desktops comprised of components that are harmful to the environment don’t end up in landfill, meaning you play a part in combatting the rising issue of e-waste.

Refurbished PCs are a fraction of the cost of new devices, meaning you can stretch your IT budgets further. You’ll probably find you can deploy higher spec equipment on a lower budget by choosing refurbished. If keeping costs down is a priority, choosing refurbished equipment is a no-brainer.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

With the huge sustainability and cost-saving benefits refurbished devices offer, of course comes with some compromise. The main, and most obvious factor to recognise, is that a refurbished device is not brand new. It’s unlikely going to be the latest generation kit, might not be the exact colour you want or may have slight scratches, scuffs or other minor signs of wear and tear.

On the other hand, it’s a misconception that refurbished devices are less reliable. Equipment that has been professionally refurbished and has undergone proper testing offers reliability and efficiency that’s competitive with new devices and is more than capable of running the latest applications and software packages, despite possible imperfections on the outside.

This means you still get to enjoy the feature-rich experience of a modern desktop, just on a second-user device. You also have the opportunity to include upgrades of memory or SSD to ensure you get the power and performance you need and can enjoy the same level of support and warranties as new kit to guarantee your refurbished devices are future proof.

Of course, buying refurbished isn’t suitable for everyone. Those who have more complex requirements may struggle to find a refurbished device that is fulfils these. But for everyday functionality, application and programmes, refurbished equipment is a cost-effective and dependable solution.

Refurbished tech and Microsoft 365

Stone is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and a Microsoft Gold Partner. This means we are vendor certified to refurbish equipment to the highest standard at our award-winning inhouse IT recycling facility, and are able to fully license each device with Windows 10 and supply them with a Genuine Certificate of Authenticity.

Purchasing refurbished kit from a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher gives the stamp of approval that devices have been professionally assessed and tested for performance, reliability and safety and will work as well as one that’s brand new.

Our trusted gold status on Microsoft’s widely recognised partnership programme, means have exclusive access to Microsoft tools, training and expertise, and are highly accredited to help you get the most out of your refurbished kit by supplying it complete with the power of Microsoft 365. Purpose-built to enhance productivity, security and IT management, Microsoft 365 is a smart, cost-effective suite of best-in-class products, tools and applications that empower students and staff alike.

Combining Office 365, Enterprise Security + Mobility and Minecraft: Education Edition, along with the feature-filled Windows 10 Pro OS, Microsoft 365 enables you to create an collaborative, engaging and incredibly safe digital environment supported by intelligent tools, apps you know and love and the latest security and manageability features.

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