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Choosing an ITAD partner can be confusing. With so many factors to bring in to play, it can be difficult to understand what the key things are to consider.

Here are our top tips for what to look for when finding a responsible IT recycling partner:

Accreditations and credentials

The first thing you should find out is the list of accreditations company holds. This will demonstrate they are a licensed provider, and indicates their service complies with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.


A less experienced business will have had less time to develop expertise and fine tune their offering. Recent entrance into the ITAD landscape could also demonstrates sustainability may have been an afterthought, as opposed to a core value. An ITAD partner will have had the time to master their service, meaning it will be more straightforward and stress free for you.

Transparency and traceability

Your IT recycling partner should be able to provide you with full reporting and traceability at every point of the process. This ensures that the service is being delivered correctly, ethically and responsibly. If they aren’t willing to offer you full transparency, you can’t be sure that your tech is going to end up in the right hands.

Zero waste to landfill

You would be annoyed if the equipment you had sent to be recycled wasn’t reused but simply ended up as harmful e waste. Make sure your ITAD provider can prove your old kit wont just be sent to landfill. If they can’t provide proof – look elsewhere.


Can the business guarantee the highest security measures are taken at every step? What are their security standards? Have them explain how your technology is protected, and who by, at every step of the way. Consider asking about the security measures implemented in transporting the goods, in the recycling facility, and during the data erasure process. Aim to find a provider who doesn’t outsource the service, as this ensures your equipment isn’t being handled by multiple different providers, which adds an additional layer of security.

Simplicity and reliability

The service shouldn’t be a headache. Make sure your IT partner is willing to be flexible around your schedule, is able to answer any questions you have, and provides you with a detailed description of how the service will be delivered, so there’s no surprises. Case studies and testimonials are also a great way of researching real life customer experiences to help you make your decision.

GDPR compliance

Its critical that end-of-life, data bearing tech is processed correctly, and in accordance of GDPR, to ensure your private and confidential data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, and protect you from the financial and legal implications lack of compliance can bring. Your IT recycling partner should be able to explain to you their process, and demonstrate it is up-to-date and compliant.

Price and rebates

Price is obviously important when choosing a service partner. A responsible partner should be able to offer the above benefits along with a cost-effective service. Some providers charge a huge premium for collecting old kit – this likely means they are outsourcing to a third party.  But don’t just choose any free service – make sure they can satisfy the earlier points. Furthermore, a large proportion of end-of-life tech will have some residual value, so make sure you find a partner who helps you realise this, instead of keeping it all for their self.

Stone ITAD

At Stone, we have an award winning IT recycling facility at our Stone HQ, that’s fully accredited, including by ADISA and the Environmental Agency. Sustainability is at our core; we have been operating our ITAD service for over 10 years now, in addition to our 30 years of experience in the technology industry.

We can ensure and provide you with complete traceability, including a full audit report and certificate disposal. We erase data to the same standards as the M.O.D, and ensure maximum security at every step of the way, from using our own load weighted and CCTV fitted vans, driven by security cleared Stone drivers, to our secure on site facility, and the entire process is delivered in accordance with WEEE regulations and GDPR.

We are also certified as a Zero Waste to Landfill provider, as certified by Valpak, meaning you can be assured that your unwanted tech stays in the circular IT economy, instead of ending up harming our environment as e waste.

Find out more about our ITAD service today, and make sure to download our Stone 360 app – available on both iOS and Android devices!

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