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As the worst of the pandemic appears to be coming to an end, its effects on working life will continue.  According a report by the Bank of England, 34% of the workforce is either working in a hybrid or fully remote way.  Businesses can reap significant cost benefits from this arrangement: the need for premises and their ancillary costs may be substantially reduced.

Furthermore, these changes could act as a spur to productivity as individuals can reduce the amount of time they spend commuting.  This means a better rested workforce which can devote more time to tasks rather than the process of getting from one place to another.

In short, the modern workplace has been liberated from the confines of a building; where in most cases, work follows a person no matter where they are.

The Future of Meetings

Although online collaboration became critical during the height of the pandemic, the in-person meeting remains a key tool for collaborative working.  It is vital for exchanging ideas, planning and setting a direction for the team.

Whilst meetings have become hybrid affairs, incorporating video conferencing as well a gathering of individuals on the premises; organisations expect conversations and information sharing to occur just as easily as they would on in-person basis.  They also expect that meetings should not hinder action, so an individual participating in a meeting should be able to take notes or send an email while they are in the meeting, rather than wait for it to conclude.

Technology has played a significant role in bridging the gap between the in-person and the virtual, allowing them to work in harmony.

Enter Lenovo

Lenovo offers specialised devices to enable the seamless integration that hybrid working demands: the ThinkSmart Hub 500 and the ThinkSmart View.

ThinkSmart Hub 500

The ThinkSmart Hub 500 integrates seamlessly with Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams.  It has in-built audio and video features, and it includes a 11.6” touchscreen.

With dual 4W Dolby® Audio Premium-tuned speakers, and two dual array microphones, you’re set up to hear and be heard by your colleagues.  It has both HDMI input and output ports, allowing for maximum ease of integration with your existing set-up.

ThinkSmart View

The ThinkSmart View is built on the Microsoft Teams platform.  This innovative personal productivity assistant frees up the PC from administrative tasks, so that employees can finally be fully productive and fully collaborative at the same time.

The smart office device handles videoconferencing, content viewing, and more; so you may never need an office phone nor burden your mobile phone or PC with conferencing features again.

It is compact and features a 720p camera with a wide-angle lens, enabling the video clarity that can help meetings maintain their impact.

A Hybrid World

Recent events have forced organisations to re-think the nature of work: where it happens, how it happens, and the tools which enable it to happen.  It’s less a matter of being in the right place at the right time, rather, it’s a question having the right technology at the right time.  Lenovo has got the solutions to enable this need.

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