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Cloud computing has undoubtedly brought about a change in the economics and sustainability of ICT in education and the public sector.

As such, we recently unveiled our brand new cloud and infrastructure services solution – Stone Unity, designed specifically for Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) looking to achieve ICT harmonisation.

As part of the Government ICT strategy and G-Cloud 8 framework, we’re thrilled to announce that Stone Unity is now available to procure through the digital marketplace.

What is G-Cloud?

G-Cloud (or Government Cloud Computing) is a UK government initiative for education and public sector organisations that use, or want to invest in, cloud solutions and services.

The programme is designed to make the procurement process easier and less time consuming for those organisations looking for IT services.

It’s made up of an online marketplace for ICT services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

What does it mean for you?

The availability of our services on G-Cloud means great things for you as an education provider and makes the overall e-procurement process far easier and quicker than traditional tender methods.

Previously, the most recognised procurement method for schools was the RM1050 framework where you had to go out to tender via a mini-competition for your IT requirements.

The beauty of G-Cloud means that the traditional and lengthy tender process is completely eliminated, leaving you free to procure our services through the online digital marketplace instead. Saving you time to get the things done that matter most and still giving you the peace of mind that you’ve undertaken an EU compliant procurement process.

Whilst older, more traditional procurement methods are still exceptionally handy, when it comes to say – hardware investment, G-Cloud is the most suitable procurement route to buy a service. Particularly for those services where you pay monthly (i.e. Stone Unity).

How can you find us on the G-Cloud Store?

That bit’s easy!

Follow the steps below and it’ll take you straight to where you need to be:

Step One – Go to the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace

Step Two – Select ‘Find Cloud and Technology Support’

Step Three – Select ‘Infrastructure as a Service’

Step Four – Enter ‘ICT harmonisation’ into the keyword search box to find our solution and we’ll be right at the top of the list

Easy as 1, 2, 3 … and 4!

Also, why not check out our Unity as a Service download too.

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