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Although there has been an increase in online learning in response to Covid, face-to-face lessons are still a fundamental aspect in schools.

Offering hybrid of both is a great way to provide a well-rounded education experience that supports all different types of learners. Whilst remote and virtual can help drive independent study and exploration of topics, the classroom is a great place to foster teamwork, active learning, and student participation.

The benefits of active learning and collaboration

Classroom collaboration offers a huge range of benefits for students learning outcomes and education experiences. Collaboration, social learning, and group work enable students to develop and boost their soft skills, such as communication, decision making, problem solving, team working and more. Active learning can also help increase their understanding of a range of subject matter with alternative learning approaches as opposed to traditional methods, as well as increasing creativity and engagement with subject matter.

Delivering a curriculum that promotes collaboration also enables schools to provide a balance between teacher-led and student-led lessons. This gives students the opportunity to lead their own classes and present to their peers, which helps them to improve their depth of knowledge on topics and improve their presentation skills. Yet teachers can also have the chance to deliver inspiring interactive lessons when introducing new or more difficult topics.

Having the right technology is a key component in the collaborative classrooms, with interactive displays one of the best ways to boost active learning.

The ActivPanel Elements series: the key to untethered teaching

Offering new ways to engage and a teacher centric design, the Promethean ActivPanel Elements series helps unlock untethered teaching. Including subscription free access to award-winning lesson delivery software, ActivInspire and ClassFlow, Elements series displays come complete with an array of preloaded teaching and learning tools all available at the touch of a button.

Teachers can use the infinite canvas on the highly intuitive Whiteboard app, to instantly supplement lessons, and draw, highlight, and annotate content, from any source. They can also quickly and easily screen capture content, crop, open, and edit it, to promote further discussion and collaborative learning, whilst the customisable Spinner and Timer apps allow teachers to add excitement and a competitive aspect to lessons or activities.

Freedom to move around the classroom

The Elements series also feature a controlled, multi-device mirroring that enables completely untethered teaching to increase student collaboration and participation. Teachers can wirelessly share up to four devices screens at once and move freely around the classroom as they deliver lessons to create a dynamic learning environment.

Promethean displays aren’t just built to empower educators – there are a range of benefits for IT staff and security. Over-the-air updates reduce the time and effort needed to make software and firmware updates. And with robust teacher controls for enhanced security and user experience, educators can easily connect to the panel using a six-digit code, and individual user profiles on each panel ensure that teachers’ credentials, files, and browser data remain secure.

Support from Stone

As a leading IT partner to education for over 30 years, we have the experience and expertise to help support schools with valuable solutions that empower educators to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. We have a range of wrap around solutions that enable you to get the most out of your IT, such as software licensing, training, and installation services with experienced and security-cleared AV engineers.

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