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If you are similar to me, your first experience of Virtual Reality may have been something along the lines of say, jumping the perimeter fence at Glastonbury around 20 Years ago, filled with the excitement and adrenaline from ‘breaking the admission rules’ having given security the slip, reveling in an atmosphere that only attending a Major Music Festival on a student budget, could deliver.

Then as your heartbeat returned to some semblance of rhythmic normality, it immediately peaked again ensnared by a tractor-beam fired from an Exhibition Trailer Showcasing: ‘Virtual Reality’ (Virtuality) promising the Future of Gaming as we know it. Except, a mere 30 mins later you may have found yourself relieved yet dealing with mixed ‘e-motion sickness’, having gladly disconnected oneself from the polygonal landscape which nowadays could be mistaken for a Low-Res Wire-Frame Earthquake in Minecraft… – totally hypothetical, but I know you ‘get me’.

Fast forward to a month ago where I attended Tension VR in Lincoln (the first VR Arcade venue in the UK) with my partner as a secret birthday treat (my beloved definitely/infinitely ‘gets me’). Lofty expectations from the 90’s were finally realised in the form of a HTC Vive hammer blow straight into my cerebral cortex. It’s late, but by golly, it’s finally REALLY here!

Don’t just take my word for it, if you live close to Lincoln or hours away, make the journey, you won’t be disappointed – let me know how you got on.

As both an Enthusiastic PC Gamer at home and Server/Workstation Product Manager at Stone Group, I’m already regularly involved with the new wave of VR Content Creators and Developers who are embracing and evolving to get every drop out of this exciting new technological game changer.

Get in touch with your Stone Account Manager, allow me to piece together the VR Platform that’s right for your new adventure. I’ll soon be cuing with the crowd when your valuable content is top of everyone’s gaming list.

See you soon!

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