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More and more of our business processes have been forced to move online as a result of the recent pandemic, which has helped us all to see what is possible as we move into a ‘new normal’. But what are the most helpful digital transformations that your organisation can permanently make towards achieving Net Zero? Here are some of the ways you can go about it.

How Digital Transformation Can Help Your Organisation Achieve Net Zero

With your organisation already taking on new technologies, now is the perfect time to experiment and implement them into your particular workflow. How is your organisation currently using new tools, and where can you make more changes? These may be long-term goals to work towards, but even taking partial steps towards permanent change will make a difference:

  • Online submissions
    • In the education sector for example, paper tests could be completely omitted, and students can have the option to take it at home. This also speeds up workflow for teachers with the potential for automated grading.
  • Video conferencing
    • This reduces the need for travel, as well as reducing the amount of building space in operation – and therefore emitting carbon – at any given time
  • Digital collaborative documents
    • This again reduces paper consumption, whilst also providing a readily available tool for organic brainstorming and document drafting, which can benefit both businesses and education establishments.
  • Greater resource management
    • For example, an audit of your processes when moving to digital technologies will allow you to see where simple changes can be made to streamline your processes.

Benefits for Your Organisation

The benefits of adopting these strategies goes beyond achieving Net Zero. The world around us is becoming more immediate than ever; people are now used to being able to contact each other 24/7,  in everyday life, work and education. Adopting new technologies will generally result in a smoother experience for all users and stakeholders in your organisation; this is of course can also give you a great advantage over  those not yet making these transformations.  Here are just some of the many ways that you can benefit:

  • Build digital products and/or services
    • This provides an adaptable source of passive income/activities for your organisation.
  • Allows the potential for globalisation
    • Rather than be limited by physical distance, through adopting video conferencing software and making use of collaborative features, clients, students and employees can come from all areas of the world.
  • Provide an enhanced user experience
    • This provides your users with quick and easy access to your digital services at all hours of the day. For example, if you work in education, content can be recorded live for instant access later on.
  • Improved interdepartmental collaboration and communication
    • Again, a digitised workflow provides a centralised ‘hub’ of sorts, so provides greater visibility and communication for everyone
  • Improved data capture, giving customer insights
    • A side-effect of moving processes online allows for instant metrics to be gathered. To look back at the student testing example, teachers can immediately see the grade distribution and low-scoring questions. This can then inform their later teaching focus.

How Stone Can Help

At Stone we can help you decide on what digital packages would suit your organisation best for moving online. We can also train your staff on your new software, let you know when your licenses need renewing and continuously support you throughout the whole process. There are now many digital solutions available for all types of organisations to adopt, such as Microsoft Teams. This is a great tool used widely in the public, private and education sector to allow seamless remote working, teaching and learning, with many bolt-on products which help maximise your efficiency. Our Gold partnership with Microsoft allows us to fully support you in taking on any of these extra packages, such as collaborative Microsoft notebooks with OneNote.

Here at Stone we also have a wide variety of laptop devices, monitors and other hardware available for your organisation to use; this allows you and your employees to work from home no matter the space that is available.

We are all in this together, settling into a lot of these processes as an unexpected necessity. As a follow-on from this, in our final article we will look at the ways in which the Coronavirus pandemic may have positively impacted your organisation on the road towards achieving Net Zero.

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