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In our dynamic, digital-centric society, tech-savvy students and an increasingly mobile workforce expect access to the modern devices that help them work smarter and with greater flexibility. Whether in a business environment or education, users require a variety of equipment for different tasks and requirements. As technology moves at such a fast pace, and as an organisation’s needs are inherently fluid and diverse, asset life-cycle management is a challenge for IT departments to say the least.  And so, operating in this ever-evolving culture that relishes choice and champions innovation, means many are exploring more progressive methods of creating an intelligent technology landscape that meets user expectations and is accommodating to change.

Device as a Service – or DaaS – is a smart way for organisations to build a contemporary and bespoke IT infrastructure by embracing the booming subscription economy. Old devices pose security risks, and are often slow, unreliable, and costly to maintain, so your IT typically needs modernising every 4 years. Modern devices powered by Windows 10 not only save valuable time and money for organisation but provide more consistent user experiences for your people. Windows 10 devices offer heightened productivity, enhanced collaboration and fast start-up times all with an added layer of security. However, asset refreshes require large upfront costs, which in the current economic climate can be difficult to fit into financial plans, particularly when infrastructure upgrades are required somewhat frequently.

Transitioning to a service-based model means you eliminate any high initial investments. Instead, your end-user hardware updates are easy to forecast and work into your ongoing budgets, so you can provide your people with the tech they need at a lower, more manageable cost. By removing the aspect of ownership, your IT teams don’t face the burden of worrying about lifecycle management and the depreciation of assets. And when upgrades are required, the costs are covered, and you simply give back the equipment you no longer need.

As well as offering a budget-friendly option for implementing modern devices, DaaS provides simplified scalability benefits and an added layer of flexibility in the management of your IT estate that can’t be achieved with traditional ownership methods. Organisations of all types can fluctuate greatly in the number of users year-on-year. A growth strategy in a business, or an influx of students in a school can leave IT departments with an immediate need to source a significant amount of new equipment. Conversely, an unexpected drop in class sizes or a reduction in staff can leave valuable IT assets no longer required and left to gather dust.

DaaS means you only pay for the devices you need, so it’s easy to adjust your IT estate according to your requirements. This allows you to quickly and cost-effectively scale up or down the number of devices you need in the face of unforeseen changes, without headaches, high-costs or wasted assets.

Every person should be able to access the technology they need to do what they do best. A huge benefit of DaaS is that it helps assure that every end-user has the equipment that empowers them get the most out of their day. With DaaS you can drive productivity and deliver consistent performance on modern devices boasting powerful Intel® architecture, including up to 9th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors. From laptops to tablets or 2-in-1 devices, DaaS enables you to seamlessly deploy feature-filled Windows 10 devices across your organisation.

Stone DaaS

We’re a one-stop-shop who are proud to be able to offer a complete end-to-end service with everything we do, and our Stone DaaS offering is no different. With Stone DaaS, your organisation can create an affordable, flexible and bespoke IT estate that benefits you end-users without the hassle. We take care of every aspect of the device lifecycles, including ongoing device management and maintenance, software and licensing services, and secure disposal of your end-of-life tech, removing the burden from your technical staff and saving you time and money. We offer additional benefits and options such as no hassle device swap-out, pre-installed anti-virus for a secure solution and flexible financing options.  You can also enjoy fully-accredited, vendor certified support carried out by our network of experienced technicians and knowledgeable support staff to give you added peace of mind.

If you think Stone DaaS might be the right choice for your organisation, or to simply find out more, contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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