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Ever since its launch over 10 years ago, Intel’s vPro™ technology has allowed IT departments to save both time and energy over the years.  Dubbed by Intel® themselves as “A powerful and flexible platform”, it has helped to keep data secure and aid digital transformation. But with the launch of 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor-based computers on the horizon, a lot of people are still asking the question – What is Intel vPro™? And who will benefit from it?

What is Intel® vPro™?

In essence, vPro™ is a technology that allows PCs to be fixed and maintained remotely, potentially saving you money as it doesn’t incur the cost of IT staffing levels necessary if maintenance was done at each PC on site.

For example – a user’s PC becomes contaminated with a virus whilst they’re out of office, the IT department are faced with two options here – they can either send someone out to fix the problem, which of course is very time consuming, or, they can take over the device using vPro™, update and reset the device back to working order without having to even leave the office.

When faced with a dilemma like this, it’s easy to see why vPro™ is an appealing option for IT departments to implement, especially for businesses whose staff are always on the go with some form of mobile device, saving them valuable time that could be spent elsewhere other than travelling to and from locations to diagnose and treat staff PCs.

How secure is vPro™?

The vPro™ platform enables access to fleets of equipment, and with the top 5 leading causes of a data breaches within organisations down to loss or theft of credentials, including the loss or theft of unencrypted devices as well as hacking, Intel® have made sure the platform’s protected.

vPro™ provides a new depth to its protection with hardware-enhanced security features, meaning they’re harder to break into than the software only solutions currently on the market. vPro™ is equipped with Intel’s latest security features for PCs, including Intel® Authenticate, which allows you to define a PC login policy by requesting two or more proofs of identity such as facial recognition, fingerprint, Bluetooth phone proximity, a protected PIN and logical location using Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT).

vPro™ also offers stronger protection against firmware attacks too, in specific versions of 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors via Intel® Runtime BIOS Resilience.

Who can use vPro™?

vPro™ wasn’t designed for every day consumer use. vPro™ has been designed specifically with businesses in mind, in particular those within the organisation who know their stuff when it comes to IT.

Intel® designed the platform for ‘managed IT environments where the business aims to enforce corporate policies across its computing infrastructure’ – This pretty much includes any organisation that images, enables security features, configures and maintains machines, so this type of asset control can benefit all types of businesses, regardless of whether your infrastructure is managed internally or by your service provider.

Because of the continually evolving nature of the business environment, it can be tough keeping up with the latest tech advancements, using a platform such as Intel’s vPro™ allows organisations to maintain that competitive edge in an ever-changing market. It’s specifically built for organisations and with enhanced, water-tight security features, the platform is the perfect addition to businesses looking to manage and keep their PCs secure, whilst maintaining a great experience for its users.

If you’d like to find out more on vPro™, including the performance benefits from investing in the platform, you can sign up to watch our webinar, delivered by vPro™ and Intel® Active Management Technology specialist, Stuart Dommett, on how vPro™ can make a real impact on your establishment.

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