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Laptops contain toxic materials and substances that can be harmful to the environment. When laptops are chucked in the bin, they go straight to landfill, adding to the already over polluted landfill sites, and release toxins into the ground, water and air.

In order to reduce the number of electrical devices entering our landfill sites, the government developed The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) to help tackle landfill pollution and increase the recycling of electronic goods.

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What parts of a laptop can be recycled?

What parts of a laptop can be recycled

There are multiple components in a laptop that can be recycled. This includes the glass from a screen, keyboards, laptop casing, hard drives, cables, circuit boards, batteries and more.

Laptop recycling and disposal is easy with Stone

At Stone, we hold various accreditations that ensure we are fully WEEE compliant.

Our laptop recycling is done completely in-house with no third-party involvement at our award-winning recycling facility within Stone HQ in Stafford.

We fulfil the whole recycling process with complete traceability. We offer free collections* in our GPS-tracked vehicles, the dismantle and sustainable disposal of laptop parts and materials, and secure data erasure using industry-leading data wiping software.

Not only will we responsibly recycle your old laptops, but we can also help you realise any potential rebates that you can put towards new devices.

To find out more, to go our IT Recycling & Data Disposal page.

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