Combines copper and fibre optic cable for a hybrid, long distance USB Type C connectivity solution Supplied as a Type C Male to Male cable for Video & Audio data only Supports resolutions up to 4K UHD [email protected] with additional support for HDR No external power required 2 year warranty Lindy's Fibre Optic Hybrid USB Type C Cables are the professional solution for the transmission of USB video and audio signals over longer distances. Combining the long-distance capabilities, flexibility and high EMI & RFI resistance of fibre optic cable with standard copper cabling, these hybrid cables are ideal for use in mission-critical AV setups or commercial installations. Supplied as a thin cable with a premium metal, narrow USB Type C connector, this cable can easily be installed through conduits and other narrow spaces with no damage caused to the internal cable structure. Supporting all the features that come with the DP 1.2 specification, these cables deliver resolutions up to 4K UHD [email protected], perfect for ensuring superior image quality in eye-catching retail displays, immersive AV installations at events or a responsive, crystal-clear solution in transportation signage. HDR support ensures a much wider colour gamut, greater contrasts and an enhanced brightness to provide eye-catching content even in outdoor or brightly lit scenarios.