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Make buying the IT that you need quick, simple & efficient

Here at Stone Group, we’ve always worked hard to give you the best possible buying experience. Now with your online My Stone Account we’ve extended that personal touch to our website.

Personal User

By creating an online My Stone Account here you’ll get easy access to all your order history, including order tracking. If you’ve agreed to receive our marketing, you’ll also receive some great offers by email, making sure you receive the best value computing on the market.

Organisational User

If your organisation or school needs an account with us, then please fill out our registration form here. Once you’ve submitted that account, and we’ve matched it with the appropriate sales team, you’ll benefit from a personal account manager to support you as well as our website with the most comprehensive range of competitively priced IT hardware in the UK

On top of this if you use our Stone 360 recycling app, you can also use and boost your rebates on your My Stone Account; a truly circular approach to IT procurement.

My Stone Account

My Stone Account is our eCommerce solution design to make your IT procurement simple, quick and easy. We can customise our portal to suit your needs. Speak to your account manager today to find out more about how your organisation can benefit from:

  • Individual user profiles
  • Personalised approval procedures
  • Customised catalogues
  • Online quotations and purchasing
  • Order & Invoice History
  • eProcurement and marketplace integration

Gain control & consolidate your IT spending

With the powerful tools My Stone Account offers your organisation, you can consolidate all the spend that has been leaking out to multiple suppliers, enabling you to gain control over that spend, ensure it’s on approved products, and to maximise the value you can obtain.


Your Stone Account Manager will help you build a custom catalogue covering all your organisation’s needs and will work to ensure you get the best possible pricing for those components.


Set user access permissions so that your buyers have a different experience from order approvers. Ensure that budgets are not exceeded and create groups of frequently ordered products to ensure your team can source more quickly and waste less time.

Customising your online procurement experience

In a time when every day seems to move at a faster pace, managing the IT procurement process often means navigating a series of tools and applications that seem like they were developed for a different age.

Not anymore, the tools available within your My Stone Account help you control your IT procurement at the speed you need – from one easy to use website that simplifies your IT lifecycle management – from initial purchase decision to recycling and replacement.


Seamless integration means our website fits right into your purchasing processes across multiple teams in your organisation. Our state-of-the-art website can integrate with all the leading eProcurement vendors and marketplaces including SAP Ariba, Sciquest (now Jaggaer), Procserve (now Basware), Science Warehouse (now OneAdvanced), Coupa and Proactis.

Sign up for your Stone Account Today

As you can see, your Stone Account is the best way to monitor and control your IT spending. It's integration with our Stone 360 app allows you to benefit from a fully circular IT procurement process, as well as access to competitive pricing and a wide range of products from Stone.