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Reveal more with IoT and computer vision

It might sound like the future, but IoT ecosystems and computer vision are no longer ‘coming soon’ and very much ‘happening now.’ Educational institutions, public sector organisations and small businesses are integrating this technology into their digital transformation plans. In this article, we look at the technology that goes into creating an IoT ecosystem and … Continued

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ThinkSmart: For the Hybrid Future

As the worst of the pandemic appears to be coming to an end, its effects on working life will continue.  According a report by the Bank of England, 34% of the workforce is either working in a hybrid or fully remote way.  Businesses can reap significant cost benefits from this arrangement: the need for premises … Continued

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Acer & Stone: Facing the Future of Education, Today.

How is education changing? Recent events have proven that neither work nor education can or should be confined to a location.  Learning and labour must follow the individual, not the other way around.  This change is also being accompanied by shifts in the economy: recent statistics show the number one source of new wages comes … Continued

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