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Mixing it up: is blended learning the future for education?

Bringing together a mix of face-to-face and online teaching methods, blended learning offers a wide range of benefits for learners. It could also be the ideal strategy for education providers, to continue to safeguard students and faculty as they navigate the next phase of the pandemic.

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Cisco’s approach to security in remote working

We all know about security concerns in an office environment, but remote working also has its own risks. Whilst the workforce is slowly returning, most organisations’ are still working from home; so it remains important that we are all aware of the different security challenges that this brings.

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What is Net Zero?

Global warming, CO2 emissions, carbon footprint – terms you will all have heard of. But what about Net Zero? The new kid on the block in green terminology; but what does it mean?

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Dynabook devices for secure remote working

As the current situation develops and modern working trends continue to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to ensure they have remote working practices in place to support business continuity.

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