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Stone recommends Windows.

Many organisations find it difficult to obtain the benefits of successful technology implementation, due to budget and resource constraints, the perceived associated risks and the extensive minefield of variety in our continuously changing technology landscape. This is where we can help.

We can take ownership of a vast variety of your bespoke projects, to enable you to maximise your IT investment and minimise your risk. Whether its deploying one device or one thousand, installing new software on physical, virtual or cloud-based servers or setting up your whole new IT infrastructure, our experience and expertise facilitate project success. Furthermore, we also securely recycle end-of-life devices and unwanted tech, so you can have peace of mind that while investing in your new digital transformation, your old technology and its data is destroyed, safely and sustainably.

Complete Deployment of your IT Infrastructure

  • Full installation of an extensive range of technology
  • Deploy a plethora of specific IT solutions to revitalise your IT infrastructure
  • Securely recycle old devices and safely erase data

IT Asset Management

No matter which sector you’re in, IT asset tracking and management are vital not only because it prevents theft, loss, and damage, but because assets comprise such a large percentage of a company’s holdings that asset management is essential for meeting compliance and industry standard regulations. As part of our deployment services, we can help you implement effective asset management solutions with asset tracking with benefits including;

  • Enhanced Security
  • Complete Asset Control
  • Lower Operating Costs

Stone’s IT asset management solutions enable you to have complete visibility as well as a providing a surefire way to manage your device upgrades or refreshes. Through utilising the latest methods of IT asset tagging, we’re able to ensure that your devices are fully visible and none of your equipment slips through the net with the most effective software available. Make important strategic decisions regarding your organisations requirements faster and effectively manage and keep up with user demand by developing your management capabilities with Stone.

Speak to one of our account managers today to find out how you can deploy an effective management system that can reduce costs on monitoring assets, achieve complete compliance without fines, optimise new and existing IT and ensure full visibility of all IT equipment are observed throughout your estate.

SCCM Imaging

To add another layer of customisation to your investment and utilising already-embedded Microsoft SCCM infrastructure, we are able to factory-configure your devices with your required build/s using a Distribution Point within our Production facility, ensuring that the latest image, application stack, and driver sets are applied to your hardware prior to shipping; this includes domain join, which enables an almost zero-touch installation, saving time, and resources

How we do it

  • Our own qualified, experienced technical staff and engineers, in-house and nationwide
  • Nearly 3 decades’ experience deploying bespoke technology solutions
  • Our own highly secure and sustainability accredited recycling facility
  • Our maximum-security Stone branded fleet
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