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Stone recommends Windows 10.

With Windows Autopilot, there’s no need to reimage or manually set up new devices before handing them out to your users. We can deliver them ready to go, straight to your employees.

Device registration

We automatically add your new devices to the Windows Autopilot deployment service for you.

Profile creation and assignment

Customise set up and configuration by creating a profile to assign to your organisation’s devices.


We deliver devices to users, so all they need to do is turn the device on and Windows Autopilot delivers apps and settings.


Autopilot can be used to re-purpose a device by leveraging Windows Autopilot Reset to quickly prepare a device for a new user, or in break/fix scenarios.

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Why Windows Autopilot?

The Windows Autopilot service is designed to simplify all parts of the lifecycle of Windows devices, for both IT teams and end users, from initial deployment through the eventual end of life. Leveraging cloud-based services, it can reduce the overall costs for deploying, managing, and retiring devices by reducing the amount of time that IT needs to spend on these processes and the amount of infrastructure that they need to maintain, while ensuring ease of use for all types of end users. Discover more benefits of the service to the right and discover the Autopilot Services Stone offer below.

  • Move to the cloud at your own pace

    Connect devices deployed with Windows Autopilot to Azure Active Directory (AD) and mobile device management.

  • Provisioning minus the hassle

    Enable delivery of a quicker and more effective user experience with personalization and a simplified setup process.

  • Keep track of the whole process

    The Windows Autopilot service shows your users and teams how their configuration is progressing.

  • Out of the box and ready to go

    Unbox and turn on your Windows device. Windows Autopilot configures it from the cloud in a few steps.

Our Windows Autopilot Services

Stone offer two Windows Autopilot services, User Driven Mode and Pre-provisioned Deployment. User-driven mode enables your Windows 10 devices to be transformed into a ready-to-use state without requiring an IT team to ever touch the device. With Pre-provisioned Deployment, the user-driven experience is unchanged, but further development from us means getting your device to a fully provisioned state is faster.

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