Ground-breaking Tech for the Private Sector

Businesses in the private sector have a diverse range of needs alongside ever-changing requirements. At Stone Group, we can help you make the best possible use of technology so that you achieve your organisational goals and overcome the challenges you and your team members face.

Evolving Business Needs

With remote working becoming more commonplace than ever before, and collaboration becoming more of a priority, the needs of businesses are constantly changing and evolving. Security, flexibility, and sustainability are vital for private sector organisations, but cost can be a concern which is why Stone offers a Device as a Service offering, providing the flexibility to upgrade your IT and grow or reduce devices when needed. In order to do this,  you need the right IT infrastructure to support those aims as well as your daily operations. Stone Group are here to help you strike the balance between bringing your digital vision to life whilst also reducing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Building the IT Infrastructure for the Private Sector

Putting together the right IT infrastructure has the ability to greatly advance your organisation and give you an edge over your competitors. By making the right investments in technology, your employees can work together more efficiently and responsively, building higher levels of productivity. For private sector organisations, the initial investment you make will help your business to grow and increase its profitability, whilst also improving your sustainability credentials by reducing emissions and waste. This can be costly for businesses though which is why Stone Group offer a Device as a Service scheme, minimalising the initial cost and providing a scalable option so that you can concentrate on the things you do best.

We understand your unique needs and priorities and are committed to delivering innovative private sector IT solutions tailored to those challenges, to help your business to achieve its aims. Our expertise helps to build forward-thinking organisations with a customised IT infrastructure that meets company-wide demands.


Partnerships That Help Us Deliver

We’re in a position to offer a diverse range of services and solutions. At Stone Group, we’re proud to have well-established partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology brands. These include globally recognised names such as Microsoft, Apple, Cisco Meraki, HP, Phillips, Epson, Symantec, Dynabook, and Noteapp.

This gives us the capability to deliver outstanding solutions that really make a difference to private sector organisations, alongside our trusted partners. Our dynamic IT services and solutions are tailored to the requirements of businesses in the private sector.


Quality IT Services for the Private Sector

Stone Group offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of private sector businesses. From custom designed server solutions to tools for collaboration and high-quality devices for end-users, our choice of services helps to build high-performing businesses that help you compete on a global scale. Some of the private sector technology solutions we deliver include:

  • Expert consultations and IT design services.
  • Professional-quality end-user devices.
  • Productivity software and software licensing solutions.
  • Effective solutions for collaboration and teamwork, including AV and conferencing products.
  • Vital cyber-security products.
  • Customised server solutions.
  • Managed IT services and support packages to continually support your infrastructure.
  • GDPR compliant and Environment Agency accredited recycling and disposal for unwanted devices and equipment.

Renowned nationwide for our genuine expertise and professional, personalised service, we work with a customer-centric approach that prioritises your needs and goals, deploying effective solutions that really work for your business.


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