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Meeting spaces that can effectively connect individuals and enhance teams productivity are a great option if you are looking to adapt your IT landscape to match the evolving working climate and improve your employee’s performance.

However, creating a meeting room that utilises all of the technology needed to best facilitate group collaboration can be a multifaceted, daunting project. That’s why we offer full meeting room design services and technology deployment.

Transforming Meeting Rooms with Technology

We want to help you to create the optimal connected workspace which will allow your employees to enjoy the benefits of collaborative working both inside and out the office.

View Work in Ultra HD

We work with some of the biggest names in technology to provide you with a range of displays that allows your business to view content in full 4K Ultra HD.

Communicate through High Quality Audio

Communication requires crystal clear sound from all corners of the room. We can provide and fit high quality microphones to your meeting room, whether it be a desk, ceiling or mounted onto the walls of your workspace.

We also have a range of built-in audio devices, speakers and soundbars, making sure audio communication is clear to hear both input and output.

Collaborate through Wireless Solutions

Collaboration in the workplace has never been easier thanks to the use of wireless solutions. From wireless devices, communicating through video and audio, to remote access to content, collaboration can happen all in one place (and meeting rooms can be kept clear from the mess of multiple cables!).

Having partnerships with different brands allows us to provide collaboration tools & software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Blue Jeans.

We also work alongside our trusted partner – Meraki, who provide innovative and efficient wireless solutions for small businesses, schools, hospitals, hotels, and corporate organisations.


Stone’s Technology Partners

  • Microsoft
  • Logitech
  • Lenovo
  • Philips
  • Iiyama
  • ViewSonic
  • Intel Unite
  • Meraki

Providing Bespoke Meeting Room Design

With an eye for detail and the aim to help you achieve your vision, we go into every meeting room design project with a sense of excitement and imagination. Meetings can often be where the magic happens, many great ideas have surfaced due to a coming together of minds in a shared space – and we want to help your organisation make some great moments in your meeting rooms too.

We can provide a bespoke design service that looks at every area of the room’s physical environment, so you end up with a meeting space that looks as great as it performs and works best for you.

How we achieve this

  • Over 25 years’ experience designing, implementing and supporting meeting rooms of the future for all kinds of organisations.
  • Skilled consultants and experienced engineers that have been recognised for award winning design.
  • A future-proof approach – we equip your room to be relevant in the years to come, not just today – giving you more longevity from a meeting room investment with Stone.
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