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Our range of Hero devices presents a handpicked selection of feature-filled notebooks that combine impressive performance with great value for money, fueled by the intelligence of Microsoft 365.

Why Microsoft 365 powered devices?

Microsoft 365 is an intelligent and comprehensive solution available in 3 flexible packages – Education, Business and Enterprise. It’s a feature-rich, cost-effective offering that encompasses Office 365, Windows 10, added Security and more. It’s exceptional as a stand-alone solution, that’s enhanced even further when deployed on devices built with the features and power of Microsoft 365 in mind.

Why M365?

Optimum security

Utilise with the latest security features that instantly respond to threats
Protect identities, apps, data, and devices with intelligent security enhanced by machine learning
Manage access, control content, safeguard your users and stay compliant

Enhance productivity

Flexible features and time-saving tools for more effective work so your users can get more done
Streamline timely administrative tasks so you can focus on the important stuff
Minimise distractions and ensure you can always pick up where you left off

Meaningful teamwork

Bring all your resources, files, content and teams together in one place
Seamlessly connect your users and allows them to co-create and collaborate in real time
Communicate and work together regardless of location

Promote creativity

Spark creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving with immersive, intelligent apps
Work instinctively with ink, voice, and touch, and visualise information in new ways
Engage your people, share ideas and bring content to life with 3D



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