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As schools face ongoing uncertainty and changing government guidelines, the creation of hybrid learning environments has become the most viable option for delivering uninterrupted educational experiences. Stone’s own range of Windows 10 powered Stonebooks are built for both the classroom and remote learning, all at affordable prices, but what if your budgets are too tight to facilitate this change?

That’s why we created GetYourTech4School®

Our hassle-free fully-managed parent partnership scheme for Windows 10 powered Stonebooks.

Through this innovative programme, we can provide your pupils access to the IT they need to enrich their learning experiences,  no risk and zero cost to the school.

GetYourTech4School® allows your students to utilise the latest devices in school and beyond, helping them engage better in classroom environments as well as giving them the ability to use their tech to develop their knowledge with independent learning outside of classes.

To top it off, we handle absolutely everything on behalf of your school, including insurance, warranties, claims, failed payments and more. We manage the entire programme, removing any hassle for you, so you can focus on what’s really important – getting the best from technology for your students.

What are the benefits of GetYourTech4School®?

For Students and Parents

– Use of the latest Windows 10 devices at an affordable price
– Insurance and warranties, so their device is secure and protected
– Enhanced classroom experiences with Microsoft 365 Education
– Easy-to-manage payments for parents, spread over time

For the School

– Zero cost to your school
– Gives their students the latest tech
– Completely hassle-free; we handle everything
– Helps increase school wide performance
– Assists in better learning outcomes

GetYourTech4School & Microsoft 365 Education

Empower your teachers to unlock creativity, promote teamwork, and provide a simple and safe experience in a single, affordable solution built for education.

Unlock creativity in each student

  • Spark creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving with immersive and engaging apps.

  • Enhance independence for students of all abilities with intelligent tools.

  • Bring ideas to life in 3D and data visualisation tools.

Promote Teamwork

  • Collaborate and save teachers time with a single hub for classes and teams.

  • Easily connect with others and co-author in real time.

  • Meet the needs of individual students with a universal toolkit to connect, share and communicate in class and out.

Provide a simple and safe experience

  • Manage users, data, and devices with a single dashboard.

  • Protect identity, apps, data, and devices with intelligent security enhanced by machine learning.

  • Manage data archiving, governance, and discovery.

  • Unlock creativity in each student
  • Promote teamwork
  • Provide a simple and safe experience

Additional Services & Offers from Stone and Microsoft

  • Free Microsoft Technology Training for Teachers

  • Windows AutoPilot

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