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Office 365 is an efficient cloud-based solution from Microsoft that compiles a comprehensive range of the best tools to help people to work, learn and connect.

Bringing together the apps you know and love, such as Powerpoint, Excel and Outlook, with powerful cloud services like OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, Office 365 enables the individuals and teams in and around your organisation to effectively and securely create, collaborate and share from all their devices regardless of location.

With Office 365 packages available specifically created for different sectors such as Education, Business, Enterprise, Government and more, theres an Office 365 to suit you.

What we do

We can assess your organisation and infrastructure and offer impartial advice on the Office 365 package that’s best for you.

  • We guide you through the process and breakdown the different offerings available
  • We can provide information and training to help you get the most out of your software
  • We ensure you get the most beneficial solution for your end-users
  • Stone Sectors - We can design specific solutions encompassing both hardware and software

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