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ICT and digital learning is at the core of modern day classrooms, with technology being a vital component in preparing students for their future and delivering educational experiences that will last a lifetime. However, with the benefits of engaging in the digital environment mutually comes with  risks of meeting harmful content, malicious threats and attacks.

And as such, schools, academies and learning institutions have a strict duty of care as providers of education and guidance to the most vulnerable citizens in our society, to keep their users safe while utilising the benefits of ICT.

In recent years, UK governing bodies have increased legislation relating to Safeguarding users in the education sector, thus there is a significant need to ensure Schools to implement Safeguarding controls and processes and ensure they stay compliant or face negative consequences.

With pressure already at a high due to resource and budget constraints, it can seem like another item on the list to sort while managing the busy schedule in day-to-day operations.

This is where we can help.

We can help you empower staff to take control and improve learning experiences, by providing you with the Safeguarding solutions that make sure you stay compliant and your users stay safe. 

  • We can help you easily track, manage, monitor and control your IT infrastructure across all platforms and all devices, all while Safeguarding your students
  • We ensure you get the most effective solution that’s right for you and your budget
  • We offer training, guidance and support throughout the whole project and after your software has been implemented
  • Our partnerships with leading providers means we can supply best-in-industry software from the likes of Smoothwall, Senso and Netsupport
  • We can help you become more secure, keep your data stay protected and your users safe from threats and unwanted access

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  • Control who has access to your network
  • Manage and control inbound and outbound traffic
  • What can be accessed on your network
  • Automatically block and filter inappropriate content and URLs in real-time
  • Manage blocklists and gain reports across all devices
  • Keep your users protected from malware attacks
  • Manage filtering levels for different users, devices and departments


  • Effectively monitor your end-users activity to keep them safe
  • Analyse activity and associated risk within context
  • Easily track manage students activity, IT assets, licenses, power and energy usage remotely
  • Automatically receive Safeguarding alerts and notifications when risks are uncovered
  • Access easy-to-use online portals to review performance and activity of individual profiles
  • Benefit from AI and external teams of moderators who analyse content, profiles and more
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