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We understand that safety and security online is a top priority, and in a time where learning via the digital landscape is commonplace, its importance is increased further.

That’s why we offer filtering software solutions that allow you to easily manage, control and filter content, traffic, bandwidth activity and more, help you prevent viruses and threats, all while complying with any safeguarding legislation and keeping your users safe.

However, with the variety solutions available and the potential consequences of even inadvertent non-compliance, it can be daunting task to tackle.

We can help.

We can take the weight off your shoulders, and advise and guide you through the options that work best for you and ensure your compliance.

We provide filtering software from industry leading companies such as Smoothwall, which appropriately prevents access to unsafe, unwanted sites and content, dependent on your organisations needs and requirement

  • Our specialist staff advise on the filtering solutions for your organisation, whether you’re a school who must adhere to strict safeguarding legislations, or a business who wants to make sure their confidential data stays protected
  • We help you keep your organisation secure, by providing you the software that allows you to control the traffic that is allowed in or out of your network and to proactively monitor activity and prevent threats

How we achieve this

  • With our own dedicated and specialist staff
  • Over 25 years of delivering IT to the education sector
  • Trusted partnerships with leading technology providers
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