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Here at Stone, one of our main values is sustainability.

We firmly believe in reusing devices wherever possible and that’s why we invest heavily in our ITAD services and facilities, ensuring your retired electronics are recycled safely and securely in a GDPR compliant way.


  • Removing hard drives beforehand could put your data at risk

    Protecting your data has never been more important. When disposing of obsolete devices, removing the hard drive and attempting to destroy it yourself can be bad for the environment, and doesn’t guarantee complete data destruction. This means any remaining data left on the devices could be at risk of being recovered by unauthorised parties.

    Instead, you should look to recycle with a trustworthy vendor with who you can be confident will securely erase all your important data.

  • We ensure your data is completely wiped before recycling

    At Stone, All of our ITAD services are carried out onsite in our award-winning recycling facility which is fully ADISA accredited with distinction.

    We also ensure your sensitive data is erased to the same secure standards as the Ministry of Defence, as well as using Blancco data erasure software which complies to over 25 global industry, data erasure standards and have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by over 15 governing bodies and leading organisations around the world.

Our employees are fully DBS checked and our solid-sided vehicles all have GPS tracking and security cameras installed.

We guarantee 100% accountability for all assets, and can provide accurate and timely Asset Management reports, so you can demonstrate full compliance with GDPR.


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