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While some of us may be able to just work from a laptop sitting on our sofa, others may need a home office to help boost productivity.

Not only is productivity an important aspect of a well thought-out home office, but our health should also be considered; a poor working set-up could have a bad impact on a person’s physical wellbeing.

And let’s face it, whilst we’re in a time when everyone should stay at home, creating a home office could also be an exciting project for us to immerse ourselves in.

This is our guide for setting up a home office.

Having the right lighting

Choosing a space that allows natural daylight in can improve our mood and make us more productive according to research, so having an office space near a window can help us to work happy and effectively.

However, not all of us will have a space next to a window. A lack of lighting can have a negative effect on our mood and potentially cause eye strain.

You can however still mimic natural day light and create a well-lit working space through the use of white and LED lighting – a much cooler lighting compared to the usual yellow lighting.

Separate work from home

We know that many of us live with others, and when all in the house together at once, it can be pretty difficult to keep concentration. This is where creating a separate working space may help.

By creating a separate office environment, we can retain concentration and feel more professional as we would in our traditional office.

A rarely used guest room, spare room, or storage space, could all be options to create a new home office. Or maybe there is room in the back garden to create an even bigger home office project using an old shed.

If a spare room isn’t available to use, then a spot in an existing room big enough for a desk and that can be secluded from everyone else in the household, can still make the perfect home office setup.

Invest in the right technology

If you have never worked from home before, then it’s more than likely that you don’t have the same equipment at home as in your usual office environment.

It’s important for us home workers to have the correct technology in order to work effectively, especially in our current situation.

Whether we need basic technology or more advanced equipment, it’s worth spending a bit extra to ensure devices are up to date and working properly.

A good home office setup should consist of:

  • Screen – A monitor should have a clear picture with good quality resolution and the ability to adjust its position (screen height, screen tilt and screen rotation).
  • Webcam – With physical meetings having come to a halt, online (often video) conference calls are becoming a more common practice within organisations, so a webcam is very handy.
  • Headset with microphone – A decent headset with a microphone allows us to block out the noise of our surroundings and ensure our voice can be heard clearly when on a conference call.
  • Keyboard and mouse – Obviously we all need a keyboard and mouse to be able to work on a computer, but having well-designed computer accessories compared to cheaper alternatives can make a bigger difference than you may think.

Working together with our partners at iiyama and Philips, we have come up with a range of home working bundles, ranging from the basic set up of devices, up to the more advanced.

iiyama Bronze

Philips Bronze

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Home office extras

When creating a home office, we need to ensure there are enough plug sockets to not only plug in all our key equipment, but also other items such as phone chargers, printers and desk lamps. It may be worth investing in an extension plug so that you have enough sockets.

Another highly important piece of equipment for your home office is a chair. Sitting down for long periods of time can have an effect on our back and pelvis if we aren’t sitting with the correct posture. Having a chair that is comfortable and has the correct back support will help to alleviate pressure on our backs and create good posture whilst sitting down.

Having some sort of storage in a home office can be beneficial too, as this will keep a desk clear and tidy – and potentially help us to be more organised. This could be a set of drawers that sits under the desk, a file organiser that sits on the desk or some wall shelving to sit above the desk – storage space will all depend on the size of the working environment.

If you’d like some more information on how you can create the ideal home office, contact a member of our team. Alternatively, check out our extensive range of products to see what else we can provide you with.

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