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As official figures for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in 2018 show that the amount of WEEE collected for recycling in the UK has once again fallen short of targets, we want to explain how easy it is to recycle your IT assets with Stone.

Our award-winning, fully accredited recycling services guarantee that your unwanted data-bearing equipment is disposed of at the same prestigious security standards as the MOD, so you can have peace of mind that you stay compliant, and your data stays yours.

Here at Stone, we handle the entire process, and provide complete traceability along the way, to make sure you receive a hassle-free, stress-free experience. From collecting your assets in our own GPS tracked vans, to providing you with full reporting and certificates of disposal, we ensure every step is accounted for, from start to finish.

IT recycling from Stone

As sustainability is one of our core values, it underpins everything do, so we firmly believe in making sure our operations contribute to a better environment. That’s why we invest so heavily in our recycling facilities, and are committed to making sure our customers’ unwanted assets are recycled safely and securely, following the methods of best practice and with the planet in mind.

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