Circular Education Technology for Secondary Schools. 

Stone Group can offer bespoke circular  IT solutions for a secondary education institutions to provide the tools to both teachers and students to succeed. We are listed on a number of frameworks and work with a range of global leading technology partners to offer the best solutions with budgets and safeguarding in mind. 

Technology 101: Circular Technology for Secondary Schools

Computers are now at the heart of many educational establishments. From traditional IT lessons which are now vital for students moving into the world of work, to taking registers and creating engaging lessons, ensuring that your staff are well equipped to teach your students is a vital part of modern secondary education.

The increasing transition towards relying more on computers has meant that organisations are requiring further technical enhancements to keep up with demand. This can range from a simple interactive whiteboard to keep your students engaged, all the way up to your entire wireless network. The effective use of technology can lead to higher student engagement and improved grades which is excellent for both students and staff. 

Your digital transformation needn't be costly, with a range of offers from Stone Group, working with leading global brands we can implement a range of new teaching technologies that enhance your educational institution with your budget in mind.

Stone Group & Co-op Academies Trust

Stone are proud to be in partnership with the Co-op Academies Trust to ensure that technology is appropriately and responsibly recycled. Our zero waste to landfill accreditation gives that assurance and peace of mind. We're proud to be working alongside partners who care so deeply about making a change to the lifecycle of technology.

The Future is Digital: What Should a Digital Infrastructure Look Like?

The Covid-19 pandemic has both highlighted the importance of a digital transformation and accelerated its development. 

As an educational institution, your digital infrastructure consists of all the technology you use. This could include digital signane to direct students, interactive whiteboards or even the networks and servers that your organisation relies on to safeguard the students and keep vital data secure.

Your digital infrastructure requires regular maintenance to keep your organisation in an optimal position, preparing your school for the future. Regular maintenance and upgrades can help your teaching staff, and as a result your students, thrive from a digital perspective, creating seamless teaching aids. 

How Can Stone Help Your Secondary School?

Over the past three decades, Stone Group has built up an impressive amount of experience in providing technology-based support to the education sector. 

Here at Stone Group, we offer a wide range of services that can be used in the implementation of your digital transformation. These include:

  • Supporting you in licensing vital software packages from Microsoft and more.
  • Working to develop a successful server solution that can host all of the user data required for your staff and students to go about their days.
  • Implementing AV solutions to make lessons more engaging, and using collaboration software which gets students more involved in lessons.
  • Using consistent and reliable hardware devices from our partners, so you can rest assured that all of your devices work at a high standard for the long term.
  • Providing security options to ensure that all of the data held by school systems are protected, and your network is safe from attacks by malicious parties.

In addition to offering all of these features, Stone Group can ensure that your IT landscape is built to withstand the daily demands of an educational environment.

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Why Choose Stone Group?

Stone Group is committed to helping you get the results you need. With our bespoke IT solutions and our three decades of experience in the education sector, we can provide secondary schools with the tools suited specifically to their requirements and budgets.