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A dedicated primary school team that works with you

Our dedicated Schools Team know how varied a school’s needs can be and understand how the pressure to perform is mounting.

Innovative technology plays a significant role in bringing education to life for children, but also in simplifying administrative tasks for teachers, so their time can be used for what matters.

Effective use of technology inspires students, engages classrooms and improves levels of performance in schools. However, many face the challenge of trying to integrate such valuable technology into the curriculum, when time and money is limited.

This is where we help you shine.

Our experience in delivering IT solutions, teamed with our partnerships with global IT brands such as Microsoft, Dynabook, HP, Cisco Meraki, NetApp, VMware, CTouch, Acer and Smoothwall mean we can assist you a vast range of solutions including:

…and much more

How we achieve this

  • Over 25 years of experience working with over 3000 primary schools and academies;
  • Dedicated Primary Education team that works with you;
  • A fully personalised end to end service.

We give you a personalised service and enable you to achieve your optimum ICT vision.
You provide the inspiration, and we deliver the solutions.




  • Stone - Primary education

“I’m incredibly pleased with the decision to choose Stone as our hardware provider. Thanks to them, the children are so much more confident in using technology to assist their learning across the curriculum. Stone have been the key ingredient in our endeavour to inspire a passion for learning – I highly recommend them."

Ruby Hanif, ICT Co-ordinator at Lilycroft Primary 

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