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Our experienced public sector team will work with you to help you overcome your challenges.

In modern day, change is constant, and challenges are in abundance. However, technology has progressively been proven to be a vital component in adapting to the continuously evolving society, overcoming uncertainty and navigating difficult encounters.

Effective utilisation of technology can not only increase the reliability of services or the efficiency of operations; it can aid organisations in becoming more robust in the face of challenges, more cost effective and assist them in delivering what matters for the people and places they support. However, it can be testing to implement when trying to meet such an array of needs and expectations, while facing mounting pressures regarding time and cost reduction.

Our dedicated Public Sector team understand the pressures and diverse needs of the individuals and organisations in the sector and the citizens they support. Our experience and understanding allows us to provide the technology solutions that help you meet your needs and tackle your challenges.

This is where we can help.

From AV Solutions to Cloud services, End-user devices to IT recycling, a Server refresh to a Complete digital transformation. We can assist.

Our experience teamed with our partnerships with globally recognised brands such as Lenovo, Dynabook, Iiyama, Hanns G, Ergotron, Logitech, Microsoft, HP, Cisco Meraki, NetApp, Epson, and Phillips mean we can assist you with a vast range of solutions including:

And much more…

Council/Local Government

Pushes for cost reduction continue, flexible working is on the rise and local communities are calling for a greater share of voice in improving the areas they live. The right technology can enable organisations to adapt to the changes and allow citizens to co-create with their councils and embrace community-wide collaboration, all while saving costs and making the most out of resources.


As pressures on the healthcare service continues, from staff shortages, cost reduction and limited time availability, we work to understand your strategic plan, recommend the right technology to meet it, and advise on how best integrate and manage it. That’s why we are already the partner of choice for over 20% of NHS Trusts in the UK.

National Government

There is a need for greater transparency from the Government and higher engagement from its general public, and effective implementation of technology can provide a platform to move toward this.

Emergency Services

We deliver solutions day in, day out to over 30% of the UK’s emergency service authorities. This coupled with us holding nearly 3 decades of experience serving the emergency services sector, we understand your challenges and can work with you to deploy cost effective and innovative technologies.

How we achieve this

  • From nearly 3 decades of experience working with Public Sector organisations;
  • With our own 100,000-square foot recycling and production facility here at Stone HQ;
  • We’re placed on the prestigious GCloud9 and Technology Products 2 frameworks;
  • We offer personal service that listens and supports.
  • Stone - Public Sector

“Stone’s flexible approach and strong customer focus meant our specific needs would be tailored to.”

Tony Morrison, Smart Technology Programme Manager, Redbridge Council

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