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Emergency Services are facing growing pressure to enhance operational effectiveness and improve inter-service collaboration, while experiencing an increase in calls and demand for their assistance and expertise. This, in addition to reduced funding and budget cuts, poses a huge challenge for all.

However, as the providers of services that quite literally mean the difference between life and death, Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance and other emergency professionals must be equipped with the tools that enable them to do what they best, and overcome their challenges.

We help you harness the technology that lets you deliver faster, smarter and safer services to the community.

Our dedicated Public Sector team has worked with customers across the Emergency Services for over 25 years. This extensive experience and industry expertise means we can work with you to provide you the tailored solutions that keep your staff safe and efficient, and enable them to best protect the communities they serve.

As a provider of our own branded offerings, as well as a supplier of products and solutions from some of the biggest names in the tech, we can design and deploy a huge range of projects including:

  • Monitor, manage and support your digital infrastructure to ensure it stays reliable and protected
  • Implement collaboration technology and mobile devices that ensure seamless communication and connectivity between teams
  • Design, install and support High-Tech Crime Units that help your officers stay safe, agile and effective
  • Deploy high-performance tech that enables accurate and secure reporting, monitoring and control
  • Provide reliable portable technology that effectively integrates with the Emergency Services Network (ESN)
  • Supply a huge range of accessories, software and security offerings that support and enhance your operations

How we achieve this

  • An extensive portfolio of products and solutions
  • A personalised service and approach to project design
  • Over 25 years of experience of working with the Public Sector
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