Stone Group - Providing digital transformation solutions to organisations across the UK.

No matter the size of your establishment, or number of offices, your IT infrastructure needs to be fast, reliable, and importantly, secure.

And at a time when pressure is rising on NHS organisations to operate more efficiently on stricter budgets, while supporting the evolving complex health needs of a growing and ageing population, any means of simplifying services and improving patient care are embraced.

There’s a reason we’re the partner of choice for over 20% of NHS trusts in the UK.

Our years of experience and strong relationships within the NHS mean we understand the challenges and pressures you face. It also means we have seen firsthand the power of technology as a solution.

Our dedicated team of professionals, including ex CSU and CCG staff, have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist you in implementing your Information Management and Technology strategies with comprehensive support, technical guidance and industry advice.

We can provide you with an extensive range technology that enhances your efficiencies and meets the diverse needs of all your people – from doctors, nurses and staff, to patients and the wider communities you serve. We can:

  • Design and deploy a secure network solution that enables you to improve communication between patients and professionals
  • Implement IT systems that simplify administrative tasks and streamline processes
  • Provide a solid infrastructure for storing or distributing data, information and advice
  • Supply the devices that allow your people to work more flexibly and efficiently
  • Reduce the burden on your technical teams with our managed service offerings that meet your unique requirements

And much more..

How we achieve this

  • Over 25 years of working with NHS organisations;
  • Dedicated staff with experience from within the NHS;
  • Placement on a wide range of prestigious frameworks;
  • We offer personalised service to support your strategy
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