The Intel Server System R2200LH2 family is the uncompromising performance and high reliability server of choice for demanding customers. It features support for four powerful Intel Xeon processor E5-4600 and a massive memory capacity of 1.5 TB via 48 memory sockets in a dense 2U system. Six PCIe Gen 3 x16 slots, two Intel I/O Expansion Modules, and options for integrated dual 1 GbE or 10 GbE provide the expandability and flexibility that enterprise-class customers demand. The innovative 2U system delivers uncompromising reliability and best in class serviceability features. Each system includes 11 hot-swappable redundant 40mm dual rotor fans to prevent single point of thermal failure. Two redundant 1600W 80PLUS Platinum efficient power supplies power the system but are easily lifted out of the way to access the mainboard underneath. Over 150 onboard sensors feed the intelligent system-level management software with temperature, voltage, and other information to ensure maximum uptime and allow you to monitor overall system health and resources. These SKUs also include eight 2.5" hot-swap HDD carriers, the Intel Remote Management Module 4, and support for the Intel Trusted Platform Module. The Intel Server System R2200LH2 family makes use of several exclusive new Intel Server Board Technology Innovations available only on Intel Server Products. Intel Advanced Management Technology helps simplify and optimize system management for higher capacity and more secure platform management; Intel Quiet Thermal Technology provides thermal and acoustic management to reduce unnecessary noise and provide cooling flexibility while maximizing system efficiency; and Intel Efficient Power Technology helps improve power efficiency and reliability.