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Stone Consultation Services

As we employee dedicated, specialist staff and passionate subject matter experts, we are able to offer a broad range of consultation services to help you implement the best technology for your organisations set-up and to maximise the benefits for your organisation and its end users. Underpinned by years of experience, we offer comprehensive consultations and impartial advice to help you to get the most out of your IT investments. Whether its a consultation for a new server solution or for a complete hardware refresh, we have the people with the experience and knowledge to help guide you to most suited and beneficial solution for you, not us.

Licensing and Compliance Audits

The world of licensing can be a minefield to navigate, and the vast regulations each organisation must comply with considering their technology landscape can be scary to face alone. We can help you face your fears by completing audits of your organisation and its relevant facilities to ensure you stay compliant and are utilising the most valuable software licensing for you.

Cost-Comparison and Benchmarking

Comparing the plethora of possible solutions available to address your needs can feel like a near-impossible task, but when you have a project to implement with a strict budget and requirements, finding the solution that offers the best value for money is important. We can do the legwork, and help you find the most cost-effective products, packages and solutions for what it is you want to achieve. We believe in honesty and integrity, that’s why we offer transparent comparisons across all our solutions to your needs, benchmarked against industry standards, so you’re presented with an complete and in-depth understanding of what we can provide you, that will give you the highest performing outcomes, at the price that’s best for you.

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