Stone Group - Providing digital transformation solutions to organisations across the UK.

Dedicated Account Managers

We assign an expert Account Manager to your organisation, who specialises in your sector or industry. Your dedicated contact, based at our Stafford HQ, is there for you to keep in touch with as little or as often as you want, with any questions you have or guidance you require. Our professionals are on hand to provide you with advice, keep you up-to-date with any changes and deal with any issues as swiftly as possible, should they arise

On-site and Field Engineers

We have a huge, nationwide network of our own qualified engineers that can provide you with expert technical assistance and support on your new projects or your existing infrastructure. Our trusted and experienced field engineers can quickly come to you to deal with any problems that may arise within your IT infrastructure, so you know your equipment is in safe hands, and can get back up and running quickly and with minimal interruption to your end users.

We also have the capacity to provide you with expert, on-site engineers that can fix any issues almost as they happen, so you don’t have to worry about sending your devices away or waiting for an engineer to arrive to fix your equipment. This not only saves your staff time and hassle and limits any disruption to your end users work or study, but it also lowers our Carbon footprint by minimising travel, to support the environment

Trusted Repair Centre

Our trusted repair centre based at our Stafford HQ is manned by highly skilled and experienced technicians who can repair and refresh all aspects of all your devices. From fixing screens to resolving memory issues, our repair centre offers a quick, hassle-free process of repairing your equipment to an exceptional standard.

Own Vans and Drivers

We have our own dedicated and screened Drivers for our Stone branded vans. Our maximum security vans are GPS tracked, fitted with load weighting and 4 cameras, along with an added turnsafe system to ensure the safety of transportation of your assets, as well as our drivers

Over 25 years experience

Our nearly 3 decades of operation means we are able to employ the most passionate people with the experience and the expertise that will enable the success of your project. Get in touch with one of our dedicated team members today who will be more than happy to help

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