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We understand that moving applications and data to the cloud can be daunting, so here at Stone we are available to assist at every stage of the process, providing advice and experience to help with the transition.

As organisations look to adopt Cloud applications and data centres it is important to ensure you have a clear migration strategy, to achieve all your required outcomes and goals along with a seamless migration. Each organisation is unique, so by working with you to understand your long and short-term goals we can provide bespoke, impartial advice and consultation on what technologies are right for your individual organisation. Whether you’re looking for a ‘lift and shift’ migration or perhaps a more complex environment we can assist with the consultation, vendor engagement, strategy, proof of concept, project planning and phasing, implementation, consumption management and ongoing support.

It is equally important to make sure that once the migration has taken place the ongoing consumption management and usage data is analysed to maintain efficiency and reduce costs. As organisations are agile and goals change we provide the ongoing support required to adapt the technologies to suit your new outcomes.  Perhaps you are already using cloud technologies and are not happy with the support you are receiving from your partner, or perhaps the ongoing cost seems higher than you anticipated. By working closely with Vendors and utilising our relationships we can assist to ensure that ongoing consumption is managed correctly so that your environment is cost efficient without impacting performance.

Cost Effective and Efficient Cloud Solutions from Stone

By combining innovative in-house solutions with several leading partners, all of whom are experts in their field, we can find a solution that is bespoke to your organisation without the one size fits all attitude.

  • We can provide you with cost effective and efficient cloud-based solutions to ensure all your data and IT resources are secured and managed appropriately
  • We listen to your goals and your unique requirements, so we can deliver you a tailored service and solution from start to finish

How we achieve this

  • We work with globally recognised industry leading names, including NetApp and Azure, so we can provide you the best Cloud technology available
  • Dedicated staff and qualified specialists to provide you a tailored service and valuable support
  • Nearly 30 years of experience delivering IT solutions in to all UK sectors
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