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IT Recycling and Secure Data Disposal & Destruction from Stone

The fast evolving technology landscape, teamed with the immense pressures on organisations to adopt greener processes, means many are faced with the challenge of disposing of their out dated tech to stay ahead, whilst still ensuring sustainable operations to minimise their impact on the planet.

But as protecting your data has never been more important, when choosing an IT asset disposal partner, you’ll need a trustworthy vendor to take away not only your surplus electronics, but the stress and concern of whether your data has been securely erased.

Our award winning, fully accredited IT recycling facility will ensure your devices are disposed of to the highest security standards, so your data stays yours.

And as sustainability is one of our core business values, we’re committed to ensuring all of our operations are WEEE compliant and contribute to a better environment, preventing unnecessary landfill and reusing or re-purposing equipment wherever possible. That way you know your old data-bearing equipment is safely disposed with the sanctity of our planet in mind.

We’ll handle the whole process, from start to finish, with complete traceability along the way.

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At Stone we can recycle:

Laptops Desktops Monitors
Phones Tablets Servers
Processors Hard drives Projectors

COVID-19 Guidance

Booking a Safe Collection

  • Please book your collection via the Stone ITAD portal or Stone 360 app
  • Ensure all collectable items are placed into a single area and easily accessible.
  • All equipment must be quarantined with zero human contact for a minimum of 24 hours prior to collection.
  • Please ensure an equipment list is emailed to Stone, to ensure verification of all collected assets for disposal.

Free collections*

Maximum security vehicles

4 cameras and load weighting for maximum security

All at no extra cost

Fully accredited

Comprehensive list of certifications

Environmental agency accredited

A secure, trusted service



Secure data destruction

Ministry of Defense level data erasure

Industry-leading data wiping software Blancco

Your data stays yours

Completely traceable

Free full audit report

Certificate of disposal

Fully documented process

Potential monetary returns

Rebates offered on qualifying kit

Fair market value given

Cost effective and sustainable

Peace of mind

Our own vehicles, facility and staff

Fully accredited and fully traceable

Simple, sustainable and secure

*Free collections for qualifying items

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