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A flexible IT support solution for primary schools

How does Stone Assist: Primary work

  1. Get our base package, consisting of full remote support.
  2. Choose from our additional modules or module packages to build the support that’s right for you
  3. Get a custom, tailored support solution for your school.

Our Base Package

  • Remote ICT support – a single point of contact for both teachers and technical staff.
  • Online helpdesk – a dedicated helpdesk system complete with your school’s branding, allowing you to log and keep track of support cases.
  • A dedicated, named service delivery manager – on-hand to co-ordinate your service and ensure you’re getting the support you need.


Add as many modules you like to our base package to create the solution that’s right for you.

  • Vision & Strategy

    Get the guidance you need to successfully integrate technology into teaching and learning.

  • Engagement

    Ensure that your staff are getting the most out of your technology investment through a range of device-focused and pedagogical training sessions.

  • On-Site

    Step your IT support service up a notch with your own dedicated Stone engineer on-site one day every two weeks.

  • Security

    Back up your data safely and securely, and get peace of mind that it’s recoverable in the event of a incident.

  • Communication

    Take the headache out of email by hosting it in the cloud for efficient and easy communication.

  • Monitoring

    Reduce the risk of downtime and unnecessary disruption to lessons, delivering real value to staff and students.

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