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Transitioning to new IT systems can be complex, time consuming and disruptive to end users. We can take the burden away from your technical staff and help simplify the process of moving your data, apps and infrastructure to new technologies.

We offer various Migrations service including:

  • Windows 7 EOS assistance and migration to Windows 10
  • Mailbox Migration
  • File and Docs Migration
  • Transitioning from Server to Cloud

We can also offer Migration services training to train network managers on the technical aspects of migration, as well as provide training to staff on the products in question to improve end user adoption, including for Office 365, Windows 10, and more.

Why use Stone Migration Services?

  • It saves time for your IT teams
  • Removes the risk of losing data or critical information
  • You can choose a time to that suits you – even out of office hours – so there’s no disruption to your end users
  • We’ll ensures there’s no downtime
  • We’re experienced in this field, having completed these types of projects time and time again
  • Our staff trained staff can handle the entire process

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  • Stone launches vendor maintenance support alternative with Stone Assured
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