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To provide your end users with the capacity to do what they do best, it’s essential you have the right network back bone to fulfil your needs.

Solid networking solutions offer greater security and control over access, to protect your organisations confidential data, and can provide full automation benefits to enable for smooth and seamless processes.

We can deliver the right network solutions to you.

Networking Solutions from Stone

We take on your projects from start to finish, no matter how complex. We offer a wide range of networking solutions, so you are guaranteed to find one that’s best for you. We design and deploy your optimum networking solution, in harmony with your organisations requirements and priorities.

  • We can help you to deliver better, more consistent user experiences, whilst securely connecting them to applications and each other
  • We help your data stay secure and keep your network protected. Our solutions can provide you with the capacity to respond to threats and address potential exposures anywhere on your network, and give you full autonomy of who has access to your data
  • We can make it easy for you to design, update and monitor your network, its policies and services, with full visibility across its entirety
  • Our solutions can enable you to minimise disruptions whilst increasing productivity through your IT. We can help you troubleshoot faster and easier, and provide you with in-context, actionable insights, so you can help boost performance and efficiencies
  • Cabling, Switching, Cisco Meraki and Configuration services

How we achieve this

  • We employ passionate, qualified and expert people who can provide you the guidance and knowledge you need
  • By working with the biggest brands in networking, such as Cisco, we can provide you with the highest performing solutions. As a trust Cisco partner, you’re guaranteed to get the best of the best
  • Over 25 years of experience as a leading IT provider to the UK
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