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As schools face ongoing uncertainty and changing government guidelines, the creation of hybrid learning environments has become the most viable option for delivering uninterrupted educational experiences. Windows 10 delivers personalised devices, built for both the classroom and remote learning, at affordable prices, but what kind of devices are best for you?

Research shows that personalised learning can maximise student success and help prepare students for tomorrow’s fastest-growing jobs. To enable personalised learning at scale, teachers need both the tools and the time to put students at the centre of their own learning. Through combining easy-to-manage technology from Microsoft Education with the innovative, easy to understand Kano PC, your school can deploy devices and apps that support collaboration and individualised learning for all students, freeing up as much as 30% of teachers’ time and keeping data safe with built-in security and privacy features.

Windows 10 helps deliver personalised learning for every student with devices built for the classroom and beyond and the Windows 10 Powered Kano PC is no different, offering everything any other Windows 10 devices can do. Find out more about the Kano PC below alongside it’s various innovative STEM applications.

The importance of STEM in the modern curriculum cannot be overstated, from learning about binary, sound and networks to coding landscapes, games and music, the students of today are forging the world of tomorrow. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kano to deliver you the innovative Kano PC. Named as one of Time Magazines ‘Best Inventions of 2019’, the Kano PC is an affordable two-in-one solution that your students get to build themselves, to start powering productivity and spark new ideas within the classroom.



Manage your lessons

Kano PC can run Office Suite, Teams, Microsoft 365 (sold separately) and more.

Build Your Own Kano PC

Your students get to build their own PC! Through gaining an understanding of what a computer is, and the four main components (input, storage, processing, and output) that make up all computers.

Self-guided learning

Powerful Kano software teaches students at their own pace. They’ll learn important skills as they make their own art, apps, games, music, and animations with simple steps, videos, and a vibrant community.

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