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Simplify your connections with revolutionary USB that let’s you connect, share data and power your devices with one easy to use cable. Offering crystal clear IPS images and user-friendly ergonomic adjustments, the Philips 24″ B Line monitor offers quality, comfort and connectivity without the clutter.

The Philips 24″ Full HD LCD monitor with USB-C dock lets you create a energy efficient workspace by fulfilling all your connectivity needs with just one slim and reversible cable that offers easy one point docking.

Power and charge your notebook directly from your monitor to reduce energy consumption and eliminate the need for additional cables,

Boasting ultra-narrow borders that minimise distractions and maximise viewing size for your projects, and a SmartErgoBase that enables user friendly height, tilt, swivel and rotation adjustments to deliver comfort, flexibility plus effective cable management, the B Line display prevents physical strains and while creating neat and professional work environment.

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