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What are the real benefits of recycling?

Seeing as we have our very own IT recycling centre here at the Stone HQ, we wanted to explain what benefits come from recycling your IT equipment.

  1. Reducing Landfill Space

Landfills are growing at a rapid rate not only in the UK, but around the world, meaning we are constantly trying to find more and more space to dump our waste.
By recycling your it waste, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill, and therefore minimising the space required for our rubbish.


  1. Preventing Toxic Waste

When e-waste is taken to landfill sites, not only does it take up space, but electrical items also release harmful toxins which are not only be damaging to the environment, but also to the health of living species.

IT equipment contains chemicals such as lead, mercury, beryllium and cadmium. When your equipment is recycled, you are preventing the chemical toxins being released into water and the air and reducing environmental pollution.


  1. Improved Health

As mentioned before, the chemicals from electronic waste can also be damaging to living species. The toxins released from these chemicals through the air or water, can cause health complications such as brain and kidney damage.

By recycling your old devices, you are helping to keep our air and waters clean and safe to use.


  1. Reduction in Manufacturing Cost & Energy

Did you know that there is approximately only 2% of materials in your computer that cannot be recycled? A Whopping 98% of your old PC can be recycled and reused! This includes the glass from a monitor, keyboards, computer/laptop casing, cables, circuit boards, batteries and more.

Reusing the materials from these components means there is less manufacturing required to make the materials again, meaning less cost and minimised energy consumption.


  1. Secured Data Disposal

Just because your files have been deleted from your machine, doesn’t mean the data has been completely wiped. Securing data has always been a must, but since the release of GDPR, the safety of data is incredibly important! Sending your IT equipment to landfill without following strict WEEE guidelines is illegal, and anyone found doing so will be fined with a hefty bill!

By recycling your equipment with a professional and reliable IT disposal centre such as ourselves, you can be reassured that your data has been completely destroyed. Our facility is fully accredited and uses industry-leading data wiping software that follows GDPR regulations. We also provide a report and certificate of evidence for the data destruction, giving you complete peace of mind.


  1. Charity

Old computers and laptops may not be of any use to or your business anymore, but there are people elsewhere who would benefit from your old devices. Whether it be schools, people from disadvantaged backgrounds, or for a charity reception desk, by recycling your old devices and donating them to charitable organisatons, you could help towards a good cause.

Find out how we support IT Schools Africa through recycling your redundant IT hardware.

Recycle your end-of-life IT assets with Stone

With our award-winning IT recycling services and facility, we can guarantee your hardware will be safely recycled, and your data will be completely erased using the same prestigious standards as the Ministry of Defense.

Within these services, we provide you with:

  • Free* GPS-tracked collections
  • Secure data erasure in accordance with GDPR regulations
  • Full audit report and certificate of disposal
  • Potential rebates on your equipment
  • Dedicated recycling team

If you would like to recycle your hardware with Stone or would like more information about our IT recycling services, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team, who will be happy to help.


*Free collections when meeting requirements.

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