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Our head of higher and further education, Antony Mellor, joined a panel of experts in this month’s issue of University Business’ Roudtable discussion. They discussed a range of topics including how universities need to keep a tight rein on their ICT expenses, all while still being able to offer students the best in technology and digital experiences.

“A planned, phased programme of improvement is preferable to ‘tearing up the plan’ and restarting every few years” Antony Mellor, Stone Group

Stone joins University Business' discussion about University ICT expenses

Antony talks about a number of topics, including how the rise of 5G networks will drive improvement in application performance, more use in connected devices and the need for greater storage.

He also highlights how bring your own device (BYOD) schemes are being effectively used within universities and the array of benefits they have to offer.

Read the full article here to find out what Antony and the other panel of experts had to say.

To read the full issue of University Business, you can view their online magazine at

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