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Often incompatible with modern learning tools and the latest software, and requiring endless upkeep and frequent repair, old devices are slow, costly, and generally ill-equipped for contemporary learning spaces. After January 2020, old devices still running Windows 7 won’t just be ineffective in a modern classroom, but will compromise the safety of the digital environment for students as security updates and technical assistance come to an end. Modern devices powered by Windows 10 help educators better engage students, facilitate collaboration and incite creativity, all while ensuring a safe and secure digital learning experience that’s assured by the always updated security features and layers of protection.

So, with the detriments of dated tech – and the benefits of the new – Windows 7 EOS is a great opportunity to transition to modern Windows 10 devices. Furthermore, as the summer break is just around the corner, classrooms will soon be empty and teaching schedules will be clear, meaning now is the perfect time for Schools to refresh and modernise their IT estate and make the shift to Windows 10, with little-to-no disruption to students and staff. However, with the limited resources and financial constraints that so many schools face, it can seem that an IT refresh on a budget is challenging to say the least – but it needn’t be.

Affordable modern devices

Like us, Acer believe that learning and exploration through technology should be a right, not a privilege, and all students should be able to access the IT that enhances their education experience. That’s why we work with them to offer a range of dependable, robust and affordable devices designed for education establishments. The Acer for Education offering is compiled of a huge variety of budget-friendly laptops, notebooks, 2-in-1 and convertible devices that are effective learning companions for flexible and agile classrooms and workspaces. In addition to being built with education in mind, the feature-rich Acer for Education devices have been tailored to embrace the intelligent features and learning tools of Windows 10, making it simpler for your school to transition to modern devices and transform its classroom spaces.

Classroom Versatility

If you’re looking for ultimate classroom versatility and 360° learning, the Spin B1 is the perfect solution. This compact device has a flexibly tough display and fully-rotational chassis that offers the best of a tablet and a laptop and the choice of four usability modes. Students can use the Spin B1 in tablet mode for unlocked creativity with Windows Ink and the intuitive Acer Active Stylus, switch it to a tent for collaborative learning, use stand mode to present on PowerPoint to peers, or simply use as a fully functioning laptop for independent work. With unparalleled versatility and choice, the Spin B1 is built to suit any learning style or project requirements.

All-day Mobility

As learning environments are increasingly agile and collaborative, devices need to be lightweight and supremely portable. Acer for Education devices offer power and performance without chaining users to a plug socket. Super light and efficient, the TravelMate X3310 is the perfect portable learning companion. Weighing just 1.6kg and with an exceptional 15-hour battery life, students can enjoy unplugged productivity all-day long.

Best-in-Class Durability

In education, devices face heavy use, accidents and wear and tear, so Schools need peace of mind that their IT assets can handle the volatility of every learning environment. Acer for Education devices are rigorously tested and ruggedized to ensure they are built to last any school day. Boasting undeniable durability, the TravelMate B118 is designed to withstand spills, pressure, drops, and shocks. Stringently tested, the B118 comes with a spill-resistant keyboard, shock-absorbent, rubberised bumped, and a tough, pressure-resistant screen, meaning it can endure classrooms, playgrounds, lockers, bags and rucksacks.


It’s not unknown that the education sector face some of the most limiting budgets, so schools need to know their IT investments are protected for the future. Acer are so confident in the longevity of their Education devices, they’re offering a free 3-year warranty* when you purchase a qualifying Acer Windows devices from Stone before September, meaning you can refresh you IT estate this summer with peace of mind it’s protected for the future.

To find out more about the full range of Acer for Education devices, or to enquire about refreshing your schools IT estate this summer, contact a member of our dedicated team today.


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