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It’s safe to say that education institutions and the staff within them face a complex set of challenges and constraints. The responsibility of making sure that every child or young person under their guidance gets the most out their learning experiences and is well-equipped for their future in school, college, university and beyond is a challenge in itself. When you add overstretched budgets, limited resources and performance pressures in to the mix the challenge can feel impossible.

In more recent years, it has become apparent that a key component in empowering education institutions to overcome these barriers, whilst equipping them with the tools to deliver more rewarding, effective learning experiences is that of technology. As such, the concept of digital learning and the utilisation of IT has rapidly become commonplace within education.

Education institutions that have embraced tech with open arms have found themselves saving time and money, simplifying administrative and management tasks, improving security and streamlining processes for staff. They’ve also more importantly been able to create effective learning environments, by providing teaching staff with the equipment they need to engage students and inspire them to learn. It’s an obvious fact that when students are engaged in classes, they simply learn more, and are more likely to perform at their greatest potential.

For the tech-savvy generation that many students are part of, the familiarity, interest and natural predisposition they have towards technology can be utilised in the classroom. Working from a sleek notebook with feature filled apps is far more appealing than putting pen-to-paper. Much like an interactive touchscreen at the front of the class is more eye-catching than a traditional whiteboard. For most students of today, doing things digitally is second nature, so visualising, creating and sharing ideas on tablets or laptops is more enticing to them than doing the same in their work folders.

It’s not just a key component in engaging students. Schools, Colleges and other education institutions are inherently busy in nature, so naturally the staff within are constantly juggling a plethora of jobs. As such, simplifying the admin and back-office jobs can be a huge help in giving staff more time to focus on the things that really matter. There is a huge range of digital tools, resources and software out there that can automate, simplify and speed up tasks and responsibilities for staff. Marking coursework, planning lessons, writing reports – with technology can make all these things easier. With the right equipment, staff can monitor and manage students, their devices, data and more, all from one dashboard. It’s also easy for staff to ensure students are safeguarded online and protected from unwanted content or threats. Meaning staff spend less time worrying and more time focused on creating the best learning environments for their students.

One key aspect that can’t be left out is the fact that technology can help save money. An outdated IT infrastructure is slow, unreliable and time-consuming, meaning its wasting money in fixes and unproductive hours. When you invest in new tech, less money and manpower are spent repairing equipment, and more time is spent utilising the benefits that IT can bring. Scarce budgets are an unrelenting issue within the education sector – so throwing money at repairing obsolete tech just doesn’t make sense – especially when technology is increasingly cost-effective, and built with the complex education landscape in mind.

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