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Businesses build and drive productivity through a number of different methods. One strategy for creating a more effective and efficient workforce is making sure users have access to the technology with the features and power they need to get their job done. High-performance desktops, agile devices and experience enhancing software are just some of the core IT pillars of workplace productivity. However, one piece of kit that’s sometimes overlooked is the desktop display – despite being a focal point in any workspace.

Although a display can’t speed up your PC processing times or device performance, it can have a huge impact on human productivity. In fact, it has been found that improving display real estate is better for business than just choosing the fastest computers due to the productivity benefits.

Studies state that users working on larger, higher resolution monitors work faster and more efficiently than those using smaller format, low spec screens. Better quality and wider viewing angles reduce eye strain and offer more visual space to see and comprehend data. Essentially, being able to view more at once on a quality screen allows people to gain deeper insights and absorb more information, enabling them to produce better and more focused work, more effectively.

When you plug in to a monitor that has specialised features, your projects and workloads are clearer and easier to manage, and your workspace is adaptable for different tasks and ways of working. Furthermore, in an office environment, a huge chunk of your day is spent looking at a screen, so it’s important to have a display that enables a comfortable, functional and effective experience.

HP Elite Display E Series

HP offer a range of professional displays that offer an elite experience for users. Built to perform and designed to keep you comfortable, the Elite Display E Series boasts a selection of highly compatible monitors that deliver business-class presentation features and ergonomic adjustability.

Versatile viewing

Create your optimum workspace with 178 degree viewing angles and versatile 4-way adjustability that allows you to tilt, swivel and pivot your display to suit your requirements and working style.

Fuss-free set up

Enjoy an instant and clutter-free workspace when you’re in the office thanks to USB-C technology and docking capabilities. Simply plug-in to connect and power your devices.

Built-in privacy

Ensure your projects are kept safe from prying eyes even in open workspaces thanks to intelligent HP Sure View Gen3 technology.

Expand your view

Experience a virtually seamless dual-display set up and expand your productivity with uninterrupted viewing across two screens.

Powerful collaboration

Conference and join calls with an integrated pop-up webcam that delivers high-quality video and retracts for an added layer of security.

HP and Stone

We’re proud to be a HP Gold Partner and HP Service Partner. Our partner accreditations mean we are certified to be a trusted IT partner with the industry experience and expertise to consult on, deploy and support a huge range of HP solutions. And as a value-added technology provider, we offer a full range or deployment services that enable a smooth deployment and ensure you get the most out of your IT.

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