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This realisation for many means that every asset they own needs to work to its greatest efficiency, and any investment must deliver the maximum value. Technology is vital in any organisation – be they a school, business or public entity – for simplifying processes, improving productivity and enhancing performance. And so, despite external pressures and financial caution, organisations cannot afford to overlook investing in and maintaining an effective IT landscape.

Any investment – tech or otherwise – has initial costs, and in present circumstances, this can deter organisations from updating their IT. However, modern devices and equipment upgrades deliver greater savings in the long-run, offering lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing the hours spent on meaningful work. By not replacing old tech, organisations not only leave themselves vulnerable to security breaches, but also lose thousands each year in maintenance, repairs and lost hours of productivity – making it less of an IT asset, and more of a technical liability. Every desktop or laptop an organisation owns that’s over 4 years old can cost them up to £1300 compared to a new device, while providing none of the benefits of modern tech. When that number is multiplied by the number of devices even the smallest school or business owns, it’s a price that certainly outweighs that of deploying new devices.

Save money and earn rewards with modern devices from Acer for Education

With the plethora of detriments that old tech can bring versus the benefits of modern devices, upgrading your outdated devices is the logical solution to cutting costs and enhancing your organisations performance. But, even if you’re on a strict budget, you needn’t let it put you off enjoying future-proofed devices. To help you refresh you IT infrastructure, and to stop you from throwing money at inefficient and unreliable tech, Acer are offering up to £200 back when you upgrade your old device to a qualifying Acer product. Available within this offer is an extensive range of devices to suit any individual in any organisation, whether they’re staff or students, inside the classroom or out. Meaning your end-users can benefit from experience enhancing modern technology, and your organisation saves on costs.

The benefits of Acer for Education new devices from Stone

Built with the diverse needs of education in mind, Acer for Education devices have been designed to empower staff and engage students of all ages to help them get the most out of their learning experiences. Not only do new Acer devices help you save money, they enable your end-users to get more done. Utilising powerful Intel® processors and the exceptional features of Windows 10, Acer devices deliver faster start-up times, increased efficiency and longer battery life. That means less time is spent being chained to a plug socket or waiting for devices to load, and more time is devoted to working and learning with greater flexibility and productivity. To add peace of mind that your investment is created for longevity and reliability for the future, and to simplify your transition to modern workspaces and learning environments, Acer are also including a free 3-year warranty with any purchase of their qualifying devices through us. Meaning you can be reassured your devices are built to last.

Acer TravelMate B118

The complete package for any education environment, the TravelMate B1 compiles reliability and power in a robust yet compact chassis, ideal for use on the go and in between classrooms. Featuring a pressure-resistant display, spill-resistance keyboard and a shock-absorbent rubber bumper, it’s built to withstand the daily usage of multiple users in education. The TravelMate B1 is also incredibly versatile and feature filled, boasting comprehensive range of learning tools, superb portability and flexible storage, making it the perfect device for modern-day classrooms and different methods of teaching. And with a battery life that’s built to last 13-hour days, your students and staff can power through every day with no stops.

Acer TravelMate P2510

The TravelMate P2 seamlessly combines productivity, agility and connectivity to meet the demanding nature of every day. Offering a breadth of communication capabilities, it makes it easy for your staff to co-create and share resources with their colleagues and enables your students to effectively engage with their teams and collaborate with their peers. The TravelMate P2510 delivers the perfect balance between efficiency and comfort, boasting speed and high-performance, with a sleek yet simple and easy-to-use design, allowing users to stay on task and work effortlessly wherever they.

What other devices qualify and how do I claim my reward?

There’s a huge variety of devices available in this great offer and earning your rewards is done in 3 quick and easy steps:

  1. Purchase a qualifying product within the promotional period
  2. Claim/Register your purchase on this website within the claim period, following the steps.
  3. Receive your reward within 30 days of your claim validation.

To find out the full range of qualifying Acer for Education devices, contact a member of the Stone team today who will be able to advise.

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