The WAX610D is truly the next generation of wireless (Wi-Fi 6) AP, especially for businesses looking to strike the right balance between performance and budget. It embodies the full range of Wi-Fi 6 technologies including UL / DL, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and 1024 QAM, which enables the ultrafast speed of 2975 Mbps. The WAX610D 4x4 (5 GHz) + 2x2 (2.4 GHz) dual-optimized antenna design boasts the effective solution to ensure that it provides smooth and consistently fast service to each client at all times whether it is wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. The WAX610D is not only efficient at delivering impressive high speeds with smooth and consistent delivery to wireless clients, but also, it's efficient on power. The WAX610D can deliver its impressive performance while keeping the consumption of PoE within the PoE+ standard, so that you can enjoy the Wi-Fi 6 technology.