In a world where our visual senses are bombarded with inputs from technology, cutting through the ‘noise’ to deliver messages is becoming increasingly challenging. In response, many leading academics and organisations are increasingly proposing a more multi-sensory perspective to deliver content in a way that can make a real impact.


Get sound that perfectly complements your physical environment, lead with the technology that’s right for you and get peace of mind that it’s all installed in the best way for you with our audio services.


What we do:

We take pride in offering a full range of audio services for education and the public sector. We don’t settle for anything but supreme service, from the first consultation to putting your speakers to the test with a full room of eager users.

  • We can consult and design in line with acoustic science a bespoke audio experience for your rooms and building – giving you perfectly aligned balance, clarity and harmony with the environment.
  • We offer a full installation service that works in a way and time that suits you – meaning you can minimise the disruption to the way you work.
  • We offer a full range of technology solutions and services from some of the leading names in the space. This means we always recommend the solution that’s right for you, not us.


How we achieve this:

  • A highly experienced and dedicated team of 35 regional engineers with specific AV skills – and reinforced by an overwhelming commitment to getting the job done right first time.
  • Deep and long term relationships with leading names from the world of audio technology – including Audio Technica, connXeasy, and Crown and Vision.
  • A truly consultative approach nurtured over 25 years that flexes with fluidity of how education and the public sector actually works.


Before you enquire about our audio services, consider:

  • How might the furniture or contents of your rooms change in the coming months?
  • What type of content needs to be broadcast? How does this vary within different user groups?
  • Is there certain environmental noise that happens at certain times of the day that need to be accommodated for?


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